Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No compromise

[This post is part of a group synchroblog. This month the bloggers will be writing about how the prophetic is stirring them and challenging them. Check out the awesome bloggers in the links below! I will add more to the list as they are posted.]

It has been an exciting season of great shift in the prophetic lately.  Many of us find ourselves being renewed in the Spirit and let "out of the box" of discouragement and oppression from the world.  We are now receiving "fresh" revelation and taking great courage as we are reminded of our anointing and calling.  We are standing at the crossroads and in this season it is crucial to discern what we are hearing, for there is only one true prophetic voice and it is the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We can trust Him for this discernment from the Holy Spirit and the only way we know which way to go at the crossroads is by seeking His counsel.  It is a battle and the key ways in walking in the prophetic and walking in victory and freedom come from intimacy, true humility and being rooted and grounded in His Word.

Intimacy may be very hard for some.  Satan has corrupted intimacy in so many ways that sometimes this necessary relationship with Jesus can be very difficult.  Sitting before God and waiting can be a very painful process.  But, as we are obedient to just "sit in it" or live in that tension, His gentle touch can heal the very wound that keeps us from His presence.  I know how hard this is.  I've had waiting moments of sitting before Him in quiet for hours to a full day.  But, I continue in faith because of His Spirit and because I have witnessed God show up, even in the last minute.

I do have somewhat of a random and varied way in which I approach intimacy with primarily my contemplative prayer time.  Sometimes I begin with scripture reading, worship songs, gratitude and sometimes it is just plain quiet...breathing.  Within that time, I always ask Him, "How do you want me to pray for _______?"  You can fill in the blank with anything.  I tend to start with my family.  Then, my "list" is my local church body leadership and the prayer needs of the congregation, the U.S. and then Israel.  I find this an "easy" way to pray because it helps me focus on Him and the important people in my life.

Now, as far as humility, I think we all struggle here.  Our flesh often chooses pride.  It's when pride becomes subtly unrecognized that we get into trouble even with the most well intentioned hearts for ministry.  For example, I recently had a discussion with a good friend who is an addictions counselor.  She stated, "enablers can be hard to deal with because they are so in love with the idea of themselves as heroes, that they actually get in the way of true healing".  This statement really hit me.  We can set out to "heal" and think we are anointed in this area, have good intentions in "our" ministry and then, maybe never realize we are actually creating more harm than good...pride.  Humility can change this, if we are willing to hear.

This also stirred up the challenge to keep humble in God's ministry for me as a physical therapist.  I had a great discussion with another one of my colleagues about this.  We talked about watching some of our other colleagues that selfishly crammed everything and every patient/person into their schedules to make more profit...in other words, make it about them(the PT).  They would anxiously be writing with their faces in their notes, rushing the patient along through a series of questions like, "okay, what else?", "is there anything else?" as if they didn't have time for them and then, anxiously looking at the clock and unable to even sit down and be still...all this time clearly communicating to the patient that they didn't care and that the patient would never be heard...or seen. 
This reminded us of the importance of humility when helping someone in pain.  We are there to serve them and be with them...hear them.  It is amazing the transformation that takes place when someone actually knows they are cared for and being heard and that time with them is all about them...not us.  We are taking time to sit down and be with them, be still and really develop their trust.  This humble approach or this "art" of our field is what I believe can make a good therapist a great therapist.

Last, but definitely not least, we really need to dive into His Word during this time of great shifting.  I know lately this seems to be a somewhat "controversial subject" and quite frankly, that makes me sad.  To compromise, mock and think about how foolish the bible is and to say that certain words or whatever do not apply to us and our culture can border along the line of distrust and rebellion.  At what point do we trust that God is in control and has always been in control of His Word?  It's okay to wrestle if you're seeing a "crazy or mysterious" story or words or phrases in the bible that you don't understand.  And well, you CAN approach Him with that and see what He does.  You will be surprised by His touch(again, gentle touch) and I believe He will awaken you to the reality that the bible truly DOES give us all that we need to understand God's character, Jesus' fulfillment of the scriptures and all the great encompassing aspects of the love of God for His children.  Love includes many things and sometimes we forget that it may/can include discipline or accountability.  Sometimes I believe "people-pleasing" masquerades as "love thy neighbor" and we allow so much compromise that it's really not true love.  Being rooted and grounded in His Word will truly allow us to impart Christ's love to the world.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not talking about "using the bible as a weapon" or "beating people over the head with the bible".  I'm talking about it's transforming power in our lives.  Again, it's about trust.  We need to trust that He is in control and when we are submitted to the Holy Spirit, His Word is truly alive and powerful, it is absolutely not foolish or folly.

My friend and prophet, Loren Sandford recently told me,
"Whatever happens in the world, we in the church who have chosen no compromise are in for the best time of our lives!"
I agree.  Although this season of shifting may bring storms and great change, He will hold us and allow us to remain steadfast in His love and represent Christ.  This may include "being persecuted for righteousness" and "sharing in His sufferings"as we stand up for what is right...AND, as we stand up for remaining in His presence, humbling ourselves and staying in His word.  We may encounter times of waiting, false accusations and even times of being unpopular with the current cultural trends.  But, it will be so worth the Harvest that is coming and so, we might as well hang on and enjoy the ride!

During this time, I encourage you to check out Joshua 1 and Matthew 5...and, in Matthew 5, read even past the Beatitudes, there is promise that the prophets were/are prosecuted, there is encouragement for us to not lose our saltiness and conform to the world...again, no compromise.

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  1. Tammy, we prophets may also be in for some shocks, when Abba reveals how we've read scriptures with 'us and them' blinkers for so long. I believe we'll find the Kingdom within the hearts of those both inside and outside the 'Christian' status quo.

  2. Tammy,

    Great post, as always. You are right that we need to trust God and the Holy Spirit. I find a great need for this in my own life.

  3. Dylan, I agree with you actually. That's why I talked about great change coming...and, it may be hard/suffering. But, if I don't spend time listening to Him, humbling myself or reading His word, I will not be able to change my view of it, my beliefs or those around me. Without those three, I believe I would just stay STUCK in my own same boring opinion and life. I guess I just would like to be able to trust that He is in control of my journey and would like a little less finger pointing actually at ME for believing a certain way right now or for being at the place that I am.
    Jeremy, as always thanks for reading...AND, thank you for your awesome blog and thoughts!