Monday, July 13, 2009

Triune Comfort

Holy Spirit, Comforter
It is You I breathe
In my sorrow and despair
Deep calls to deep.

Jesus my Savior
It is You I need
In the Garden, with Your Father
My shame at Your feet.

Oh Lord, my helper
It is You I seek
In my coming and going
You neither slumber nor sleep.

Spirit intercede
Bring Your Garment of Praise
As I grow Faint
And call out Your Name.

Jesus, Maranatha
Today for me
A faintly burning wick
And a bruised reed.

Lord be with me
Your promise I read
Neither leaving nor forsaking
In days of grief.

Indwelling Holy Spirit
Rejoicing in me
During my struggles
In flesh that’s weak.

Jesus, Prince of Peace
Bringing good cheer
Overcoming the world
Overcoming my fear.

God of Compassion
Source of my Strength
Mourning to Dancing
Declaring Your Praise.

-Tammy Carter


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for reading, Karla! Yea, I enjoy a little writing and I hope in some small way it can bless others too!