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Pat Summitt: Changing the Game & Changing the World

March Synchroblog: All about Eve In honor of Women's History month, posts for this synchroblog will be "all about women". See list of synchrobloggers below.

Legendary Coach Pat Summitt can almost single-handedly be credited for changing the face of women's basketball. She is a leader with determination not only to win, but to win on a repeated and consistent basis.

Pat grew up with 3 older brothers(1 younger sister) and states that she can remember her mother doing everything for them and her dad. One example she recalls is her brothers holding up their tea glasses when they were empty and shaking them. A sign to her mother that they needed more tea. Pat would watch as her mother would serve them and she remembers thinking, "This isn't right!"

Was this a motivating factor to her success? Maybe. But, even if it wasn't, Pat Summitt has definitely changed inequality in NCAA basketball and now has begun to change the world with her foundation to increase awareness of Alzheimer's Disease.

The Numbers

Pat Summitt has had an extraordinary career as the head coach of the University of Tennessee (UT) Lady Volunteer's women's basketball team.  Her achievements are in the hundreds.  Here are just a few:

-She is the all time winningest coach in the history of men's and women's NCAA basketball.  Last count on her UT bio is 1071 wins to 199 losses (.843).  Mike Kryzewski, coach of the men's basketball team at Duke trails her at 833 wins to 274 losses (.752)
-She has coached 8 NCAA championship teams. Trailing only John Wooden with 10 NCAA titles
-She has 16 Southeastern Conference (SEC) titles and 14 SEC tournament titles
-She was named the Naismith Coach of the Century in 2000
-72% of her players have been Olympians, All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, and members of the U.S. National Team
-In 2009, The Sporting News named the 50 Greatest Coaches of All-Time.  She was 11th on the list and the only female on the list
-She was the first female basketball coach to earn a contract over a million dollars (compared to her salary as a coach in 1974 which was $8900)

The Motivator

Pat's peers describe her as well-respected, an educator, a role-model, a pioneer, ethical and a motivator.  Her players describer her as intense, determined, competitive, tough, demanding, strategic, caring and also a motivator.

"She genuinely thinks we are going to win every ball game.  She projects it.  She could say, 'Here's the game plan.  We're going to run backward down the court, and take our bras off, and swing them around our heads' And they'd(her players) nod their heads and say, 'Sounds like a winner, Coach. When do you want us to start running?'" -Mickie Demoss(assistant coach)

Pat believes ethics, principles and success should be inseparable.  She has developed her own set of principles that is called The Definite Dozen.  About these principles Pat states, "Long-term, repetitive success is a matter of building a principled system and sticking to it.  Principles are anchors; without them you will drift." 

The Definite Dozen (more description of each principle is found at The Definite Dozen):

1.  Respect Yourself and Others
2.  Take Full Responsibility
3.  Develop and Demonstrate Loyalty
4.  Learn to Be a Great Communicator
5.  Discipline Yourself So No One Else Has To
6.  Make Hard Work Your Passion
7.  Don't Just Work Hard, Work Smart
8.  Put the Team Before Yourself
9.  Make Winning an Attitude
10.  Be a Competitor
11.  Change Is a Must
12.  Handle Success Like You Handle Failure
This system has definitely proven to be a motivator for her players on the court.  Off the court, this has proven true as well.  Pat has a 100% graduation rate for all Lady Vols who have completed their eligibility at Tennessee.

The Courage

On August 22, 2011 at the age of 59, Pat Summitt announced she had been diagnosed with early onset dementia, Alzheimer's type. In her true competitive and courageous style, she is determined to take on this disease. She started her own foundation dedicated to raising awareness and money for education, support and research of Alzheimer's. On November 27, 2011 her foundation gave $75,000 to the UT Medical Center and $75,000 to Alzheimer's Association of Tennessee. This foundation has had such a tremendous impact that the Mayo Clinic thanked her for her efforts and stated they would "wholeheartedly support her foundation".  (See The Mayo Clinic's Letter to Pat)

I really can't say enough about Pat Summitt. I would have to write an entire book to even begin to describe her role in the change of women's basketball and the change she has had in the lives around her.

As I type this, it is "March Madness" and ESPN and ESPN2 are televising the women's NCAA basketball tournament (it used to be that only the men's tournament was televised).  And, the Lady Vols are in this tournament.  Pat has had multiple appearances in the tournament with a record of 109-22(.838).

Lastly, one of Pat's recent accolades that I believe is definitely worth mentioning in light of Women's History month:

Pat was awarded the Alliance of Women Philanthropists' Brenda G. Lawson Legacy of Leadership Award at the group's annual Women and Philanthropy Symposium at the Knoxville Marriott on March 10, 2012.

The Awards Criteria:
• Committed to furthering the goals of the Alliance of Women Philanthropists
• Supports the University of Tennessee through contributions of talent, time, and financial means
• Dedicated to supporting UT in its instructional, research, outreach and fundraising initiatives
• Educates, empowers, and inspires women to be philanthropic leaders at the University of Tennessee
• Encompasses a variety of ideals including volunteerism, generosity, sacrifice, compassion, sensitivity, and humility

Pat is continuing to coach her team as her diagnosis was considered "mild".  I have no doubt that she will continue to succeed both on and off the court.  She has already left an insurmountable mark in the history of women's basketball.  And, I believe her mark on the world has only just begun. 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

know your audience...know your limits!

About 4 or 5 years ago, I attended a bible study with a physical therapy friend.  It was a women's bible study and the first night we did the usual:  give our name, maybe what we do, an ice breaker question and so on and so forth.  Well, before my friend and I could have our turns, one of the girls told us how she just graduated from physical therapy assistance school.  Someone asked her the difference between that and a physical therapist and she said, "Well, it's pretty much the same thing except we can't do evaluations and progress notes"?!?!?!  Believe you and me, it was all my friend and I could do to hold back our words.  She was completely and 100% wrong in her statement.

I don't understand when people elevate themselves like that or somewhat disrespect those who have actually done the work.  You can imagine the slight looks her way when my friend and I introduced ourselves as physical therapists!  She did kind of sheepishly sink back a little too.

Now, I am not saying physical therapists assistance are not valuable.  However, there is a significantly MAJOR difference in educational background and training background.  Physical therapy programs are composed of an extensive curriculum that includes in depth courses such as neuroanatomy, neuro management, research statistics, small business management, complete research and thesis project, and probably the most important:  GROSS ANATOMY.  I know, you all just thought of the movie, but it is the key.  You can not understand the workings of the human body and do hands on treatment without knowing the extensive three-dimensional components of the human body.  It is the key to knowing what structures are where.  Physical therapy assistance programs do a one day visit to a pro section for viewing...that's it.  Plus, you have to consider that the current entry-level physical therapist is a doctorate program.  Recently with the addition of about 12 credit units, the universities basically said you can no longer award these students "just" a master's degree, the credit units are now the equivalent of a doctorate. 

So, I actually thought some about this physical therapist assistance and her comment.  One, possible insecurity in herself that she had to elevate herself.  Two, she had no idea of the extensive curriculum of a physical therapy program.  Three, she was young(yes, she was) with no "real world" experience.  So, yet another distinction:  before being accepted into a physical therapy program you have to have completed a B.S. in certain distinctive fields, for a physical therapy assistance program, you can enter right out of high school or as an "adult" student with no other degree or education.  So, a physical therapist assistance "degree" is an associates degree or a certificate.

Is there anything wrong with having an associates degree or certificate?  Absolutely not.  However, if you try to elevate yourself above your education and claim to have the skills of a degreed and licensed professional well, that is where you can get into trouble.  You become a self-titled fraud and you put others at risk!  I think that is what bothered me the most.  She can belittle me and disrespect my degree and official title, she can be ignorant of the differences in curriculums or even THINK of herself as something more than what she is.  However, the main thing is that she is DANGEROUS to patients!

If she elevates herself beyond her degree and goes into the field with an attitude that she is a physical therapist, knowing she has associates/certificate education/experience, she will HURT PATIENTS!!!  And that is what I am NOT okay with!  The self-titled in any field can be dangerous and more often than not, they end up hurting people because they really don't understand the breadth and depth of curricular design or professional experience.


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No compromise

[This post is part of a group synchroblog. This month the bloggers will be writing about how the prophetic is stirring them and challenging them. Check out the awesome bloggers in the links below! I will add more to the list as they are posted.]

It has been an exciting season of great shift in the prophetic lately.  Many of us find ourselves being renewed in the Spirit and let "out of the box" of discouragement and oppression from the world.  We are now receiving "fresh" revelation and taking great courage as we are reminded of our anointing and calling.  We are standing at the crossroads and in this season it is crucial to discern what we are hearing, for there is only one true prophetic voice and it is the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We can trust Him for this discernment from the Holy Spirit and the only way we know which way to go at the crossroads is by seeking His counsel.  It is a battle and the key ways in walking in the prophetic and walking in victory and freedom come from intimacy, true humility and being rooted and grounded in His Word.

Intimacy may be very hard for some.  Satan has corrupted intimacy in so many ways that sometimes this necessary relationship with Jesus can be very difficult.  Sitting before God and waiting can be a very painful process.  But, as we are obedient to just "sit in it" or live in that tension, His gentle touch can heal the very wound that keeps us from His presence.  I know how hard this is.  I've had waiting moments of sitting before Him in quiet for hours to a full day.  But, I continue in faith because of His Spirit and because I have witnessed God show up, even in the last minute.

I do have somewhat of a random and varied way in which I approach intimacy with primarily my contemplative prayer time.  Sometimes I begin with scripture reading, worship songs, gratitude and sometimes it is just plain quiet...breathing.  Within that time, I always ask Him, "How do you want me to pray for _______?"  You can fill in the blank with anything.  I tend to start with my family.  Then, my "list" is my local church body leadership and the prayer needs of the congregation, the U.S. and then Israel.  I find this an "easy" way to pray because it helps me focus on Him and the important people in my life.

Now, as far as humility, I think we all struggle here.  Our flesh often chooses pride.  It's when pride becomes subtly unrecognized that we get into trouble even with the most well intentioned hearts for ministry.  For example, I recently had a discussion with a good friend who is an addictions counselor.  She stated, "enablers can be hard to deal with because they are so in love with the idea of themselves as heroes, that they actually get in the way of true healing".  This statement really hit me.  We can set out to "heal" and think we are anointed in this area, have good intentions in "our" ministry and then, maybe never realize we are actually creating more harm than good...pride.  Humility can change this, if we are willing to hear.

This also stirred up the challenge to keep humble in God's ministry for me as a physical therapist.  I had a great discussion with another one of my colleagues about this.  We talked about watching some of our other colleagues that selfishly crammed everything and every patient/person into their schedules to make more other words, make it about them(the PT).  They would anxiously be writing with their faces in their notes, rushing the patient along through a series of questions like, "okay, what else?", "is there anything else?" as if they didn't have time for them and then, anxiously looking at the clock and unable to even sit down and be still...all this time clearly communicating to the patient that they didn't care and that the patient would never be heard...or seen. 
This reminded us of the importance of humility when helping someone in pain.  We are there to serve them and be with them...hear them.  It is amazing the transformation that takes place when someone actually knows they are cared for and being heard and that time with them is all about them...not us.  We are taking time to sit down and be with them, be still and really develop their trust.  This humble approach or this "art" of our field is what I believe can make a good therapist a great therapist.

Last, but definitely not least, we really need to dive into His Word during this time of great shifting.  I know lately this seems to be a somewhat "controversial subject" and quite frankly, that makes me sad.  To compromise, mock and think about how foolish the bible is and to say that certain words or whatever do not apply to us and our culture can border along the line of distrust and rebellion.  At what point do we trust that God is in control and has always been in control of His Word?  It's okay to wrestle if you're seeing a "crazy or mysterious" story or words or phrases in the bible that you don't understand.  And well, you CAN approach Him with that and see what He does.  You will be surprised by His touch(again, gentle touch) and I believe He will awaken you to the reality that the bible truly DOES give us all that we need to understand God's character, Jesus' fulfillment of the scriptures and all the great encompassing aspects of the love of God for His children.  Love includes many things and sometimes we forget that it may/can include discipline or accountability.  Sometimes I believe "people-pleasing" masquerades as "love thy neighbor" and we allow so much compromise that it's really not true love.  Being rooted and grounded in His Word will truly allow us to impart Christ's love to the world.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not talking about "using the bible as a weapon" or "beating people over the head with the bible".  I'm talking about it's transforming power in our lives.  Again, it's about trust.  We need to trust that He is in control and when we are submitted to the Holy Spirit, His Word is truly alive and powerful, it is absolutely not foolish or folly.

My friend and prophet, Loren Sandford recently told me,
"Whatever happens in the world, we in the church who have chosen no compromise are in for the best time of our lives!"
I agree.  Although this season of shifting may bring storms and great change, He will hold us and allow us to remain steadfast in His love and represent Christ.  This may include "being persecuted for righteousness" and "sharing in His sufferings"as we stand up for what is right...AND, as we stand up for remaining in His presence, humbling ourselves and staying in His word.  We may encounter times of waiting, false accusations and even times of being unpopular with the current cultural trends.  But, it will be so worth the Harvest that is coming and so, we might as well hang on and enjoy the ride!

During this time, I encourage you to check out Joshua 1 and Matthew 5...and, in Matthew 5, read even past the Beatitudes, there is promise that the prophets were/are prosecuted, there is encouragement for us to not lose our saltiness and conform to the world...again, no compromise.

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[This post is part of a group synchroblog. This month the bloggers will explore the idea of downward mobility and other themes in Kathy Escobar’s book, Down We Go.  Check out the awesome bloggers in the links below!  I will add more to the list as they are posted.]

I had plenty of things that got stirred up in me while reading Kathy Escobar's "Down we Go".  I don't think one post would suffice to really list all those things.  I one time told Kathy that I had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with her book.  I think it's because I love the ideas, but I also have realized that I am extremely limited in my ability to help with those she defines as marginalized.  I have the skills and all kinds of dreams that I believe would help heal the sick and free people from chronic pain.  But, no open doors quite yet.  However, I honestly believe I work with the marginalized every day(mostly geriatric population)...and, at times, I believe I have fallen into that category.  I think we all have been marginalized in some way, shape or form at some time in our lives.

I do know that I was especially stirred with the "Pursuing Justice" chapter...primarily the time and loneliness factors.  It truly does take time to sit down and be with someone in relationship and truly listen before we can understand someone's story, their needs and exactly how they are being oppressed by those around them(or as Kathy would say, people "powering up" on us).  She mentions sacrifice of time in that chapter and I too believe that is huge.  Too often that is something that no one wants to give, let alone be in relationship with someone.  Relationships during horrible seasons seem to be time spent with those we Kathy mentions, it's people like your therapist, doctor, lawyer, psychologist, etc.  Spending time with someone is the only way we see the truth in someone's heart.  And, when we know the truth...often standing up for that gets lonely too...

So, if you haven't seen the movie Flightplan, you may not know what I'm trying to get at here regarding being alone in pursuit of the truth.  I think maybe Flightplan stirred me the same way The Great Debaters stirred Kathy.  She mentions the main character Samantha struggling and having courage to keep standing up for what is right despite the loneliness and difficulties(p.187).  Different movies, but the same in standing up for what is right.  Often when we're seeing the truth and standing up for it sometimes it will be lonely and even those around us may not believe!  p.s.-if you haven't seen the movie and don't want it ruined, stop reading now and do not watch the below the movie and then finish reading/watching! ;-)

But, if you've seen the movie, you know that Kyle Pratt(Jodi Foster) is on a flight with her daughter, Julia.  They are heading home after Kyle's husband is killed falling off of a roof.  What isn't known early on is Kyle is being sabotaged.  In short, her husband was actually pushed off of the roof and now, the morgue director, one flight attendant and a federal marshal have kidnapped her daughter and have made up a story to make it look like Kyle is delusional and that her daughter was killed too.

Besides the movie just being really intense and good, it really does show how sometimes a person can be alone in fighting for what they know is the truth.  Before the ending, Kyle dealt with pretty much the whole plane thinking she was crazy!  The whole time, Kyle knows in her heart what the truth is.  Even a counselor on the plane that tries to talk to Kyle doesn't believe her...and the worst, the captain doesn't believe her! 

Just imagine having something so deep in your heart that you know is the truth and the people around you, on the same flight...headed to the same destination won't believe you and help you!  Honestly, I think that happens amongst believers more often than we like to admit.  Our pride gets in the way, we go with the flow, the cultural trends, or even as Kathy would say, the status quo.  What if one person, just took the time to listen, believe in you and not be afraid to take a stand with you?!

The last clip is the best(see below)!!!  A little longer(~5'), but SO WORTH watching!!  It is the end of the movie, but is where the truth is revealed!  Kyle does find Julia and as she comes walking away from the plane holding her, everyone is shocked.  And, the amazing thing to me is the only one to approach her and apologize...the captain.  Again, isn't that how it sometimes goes?  We are sometimes owed apologies from those around us and no one ever has the courage and humility to do that!  Only our "Captain" knows and comes to our side!

Okay, off my Flightplan, time and loneliness soap box.  But, it is what I believe has been stirred in my heart lately.  Whether Jesus is leading me "down" to spend time with the oppressed and lonely, I don't know.  I certainly can relate in some form or another.  So, I'm not sure it's downward for me.  I think it's looking at people from every walks of life and realizing no one is better/worse than me and I don't believe I go down or bow to anyone else's level to go and help them.  I think I just be with those that God has placed right front of me.  Maybe I'm reading/understanding "downward mobility" wrong.  I think maybe it's because I've been blessed by so many people that "in the world" may have lower financial status than me, but I believe that maybe "in the Kingdom" they are actually above me?!!  I don't have downward thoughts or actions about anyone...that's the way it should be.  So, honestly, it seems prideful if I were think about "going down" to someone elses level.  If anything, I am already below them. The Kingdom is everywhere and in so many hearts that see the truth.  We just may end up being alone when we stand up for that truth!  But, rest assured that in the end, the truth will be revealed.

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Loyalty and Valor

[This post is part of a group synchroblog. This month the bloggers are reviewing books they have read or movies they have seen this summer! Check out the awesome blogger's links below! I will add to the list as they come in!]

Last week I went to see Cars 2. It is a Disney-Pixar animated comedy, adventure & action film/movie. The “stars” are Lightning McQueen(voice is Owen Wilson), Tow Mater(voice is Larry the Cable Guy) and Finn McMissle(voice is Michael Cain). Lightning McQueen is a well known race car that has won the prestigious Piston Cup in America. So, he heads out to race in the World Grand Prix of racing to determine the fastest car in the world. McQueen asks his best friend, Tow Mater to come with him. Tow Mater is a tow truck from a place called Radiator Springs. Radiator Springs is a fictional small town, “off the beaten path” of Route 66 in America.

One of the first stops on McQueen and Mater’s adventure is a welcoming banquet in Tokyo where all the “stars” and the prestigious racing cars are gathering. One thing that I remember hitting me is McQueen basically telling Mater to “act differently” because he wasn’t back in Radiator Springs. This became a key problem that almost destroys this friendship because McQueen was basically telling Mater that he was embarrassed by him in front of the other "stars" and he was basically telling Mater he needed to be someone he wasn't. Hard thing to do for someone like Mater. Mater is just a small town, “innocent”, genuine-hearted friend that loves McQueen and would be loyal and helpful to him in ANY situation.

Unfortunately, at the banquet and at the first race, Mater gets tangled up with two British spies who actually mistake Mater for an American spy. Mater ends up being sabotaged at the banquet and then, accidentally messes up and causes McQueen to lose his first race. The sad words that I remember McQueen saying to Mater at this point: “I don’t need your help and I don’t want your help.”

At this point in the film McQueen continues on in his travels to different races and Mater tries to leave to fly home, but ends up in his own crazy adventure with the two British spies. Mater keeps trying to tell the British spies he’s “just a tow truck”, but they continue on in believing he’s a spy. Even at one point, one of the British spies, Finn McMissle makes a statement that hurts Mater. He tells Mater that his cover-up as an “idiot tow truck” is a good disguise. So, here’s Mater caught up in nobody hearing him, believing him or seeing him for who he really is. And, even mocking who he really is…seeing him only as an “idiot tow truck”. Sabotage, false-accusations and no one hearing…seeing him and his true heart. And the reality is that Mater’s true heart is nothing but love and loyalty for his friend McQueen.

In the film, the whole British spy saga ends up being tied in with the racing cars. The British spies DO end up being good guys and are trying to destroy an evil professor who is sabotaging the oil/fuel in the racing cars and causing them to wreck. In the end, Mater does end up helping them…and, his friend McQueen.

While Mater is off dealing with this issue, McQueen is having a big change of heart and realizes that he was wrong. He realized that he hurt Mater and asked him to be someone that he wasn’t. He really has a change in Italy when Luigi’s(one of McQueen’s pit crew) uncle starts telling him how there’s the best of arguments in good relationships and says, "He who finds a friend finds a treasure." And, in the end, there is a scene when Mater starts running away from McQueen. McQueen latches on to Mater and says, "Mater, I am sticking by you, the way you always stick by me."

If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. I know animation can sometimes be considered a “kids movie”, but it definitely has appeal for us “adults”. It was a great story of loyalty and courage in relationship. I laughed at some goofy things, but I definitely cried too(yes, I can be the sappy girl with movies).

I think I got especially touched with this movie right now because I’ve been doing a little retrospection about some great friends. I celebrated my 20th Spiritual Birthday with Jesus last week and it made me think of a group of friends that I’ve been friends with for over 20 years! This has been really cool to think about. These friends were the first ones to nickname me the “golden retriever”. They were the first friends that really saw my true heart.

I think sometimes we all can overlook and shove away the loyal and true friends in our lives. But, just like McQueen, sometimes we figure it out and realize, we are putting up walls towards the wrong people. McQueen may have been living as a high speed race car “star” and SAID he didn’t want or need Mater’s help. But, he really did. He needed some one with loyalty and valor that ran deep and would sacrifice for him. McQueen really did need Mater’s help. And, I believe he wanted it too.

“I hold out hope that even the relationships that look precarious and sharp can surprise us, that in reaching out we might find them soft.” –Jen Lee

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

To be heard

I have to be honest, I haven't wanted to write anything here lately.  Why?  Because it seems like for the last few weeks I've ran into more people writing about or crying out to be heard...a theme of not only being heard, but wanting to hear God, each other.  So, why write/say anymore?  Why not

I think it all started with a friends FB status talking about non-verbal communication and silence.  I'm not sure, but whatever it was, I kept running into meetings, conversations, writings and posts about listening...being heard.  So I thought, the last thing I need to do is write something...rather listen to or read another friend's words.  And, to be honest with you, I can be down right passionate about this topic and some of my feelings about it may be jaded and full of pain.  Nevertheless, I decided to write about a few things that came up.

Last week I was sitting in one of our faculty meetings at my physical therapy school here in Denver.  Part of it was a strategic planning meeting and that is when I was impacted the most.  During this time frame, ranked faculty were asked to remain silent and record feedback from affiliate faculty.  It's not often that you fill an entire room full of PhDs and get them to remain silent.  But, it was important for the improvement and growth of the program.  After all, the affiliate faculty are the ones "seeing" a different perspective of the students and how it all plays out in the clinic.  And, the thought hit me that we HAVE grown and improved!  I have watched this program go from a non-accredited status to one of the top 30 schools in America for physical therapy and I believe it's because of this type of "listening" adopted by the faculty.

Then, the sad part of the was announced that one of our faculty members is leaving and moving to Florida.  Sad because she is one that is mainly responsible for implementing this type of "active listening" into our program.  A component that threads Motivational Interviewing(MI) into the curriculum and allows for, what I believe, can be the primary success of an entire program.  I believe MI is what has allowed me to truly listen to my patients and more often than not, have an idea of what is going to help them before I even examine or treat them. 

"Listen to the patient. He is telling you the diagnosis." -Sir William Osler (1849-1919), the founding father of modern medicine.

And, I know some of you are thinking this is a "counselor only technique".  However, I believe it can be applied to ALL of us, not just licensed professionals.  And, if you are looking for a great resource on it for health care, the original MI researchers have a great book about it!  Anyway, my overall point here, is that listening can help any of us in all kinds of areas for growth, improvement...change!  And, not only is it listening, it's active listening or what MI researchers call EMPATHIC listening.  It's important to listen to family, friends, co-workers, patients/clients...AND STRANGERS!  You just never know what you might learn or maybe WHO you might HEAR FROM GOD through!

Just last week, my pastor mentioned he was disappointed in the blog sphere of articles about the Rob Bell situation.  I believe her point was just about all the craziness it caused and stirred up.  Yet, in the meantime, natural disasters and wars are breaking out all over!  Perspective, I guess.  Maybe to encourage us to be careful what we write...what we focus on?  Maybe to be careful to listen first...or better yet, pray first?  I don't know.  I don't know enough about Rob Bell and his new book to comment.  But, I do remember reading some posts about it and thinking some were just getting louder, "wordy-er" and repetitive.  However, I did read a few good posts about it:

IM Book Review: The Language of Science & Faith -Adam Palmer
Grieved by this... - Brian Newman
My 3 cents on Rob Bell's new book - Ellen Haroutunian

Interestingly enough, I think it might all go back to LISTENING rather than talking/writing.  Not only in relationship with each other, but with God.  What is God trying to say to us in all of this craziness going on right now?  We might be best to listen and not say/write anything?!  I don't know.  But, what I do know, is I want to be heard, my friends and community want to be heard and I'm pretty sure God wants to be heard.  Seems to me there are numerous times in the bible in which God mentions, "they did not listen" or "they refused to listen" or even "listen carefully".  The list goes on and on so, I do think listening is important to God.  And HEARING Him should be important to us!

"Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. To draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they are doing evil. Be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God, for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words be few. For a dream comes with much business, and a fool’s voice with many words." -Eccl. 5:1-3

"Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.  Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God." -James 1:18-20

Anyway, these are just some things that came to mind lately with this theme of listening or wanting to be heard.  Just a stirring that I believe He's creating...creating so He can be heard in my life and, so I can grow, improve and change!  And, something maybe He's stirring in others as well...just read another good post:
Listening During Lent - Liz Dyer

Something I think that will be my next read:  planetwalker.  Just one that really caught my attention lately.
Thanks for reading or should I say, listening!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Put down the axe

[This post is part of a group synchroblog. This month the bloggers will be sharing insights and thoughts about Wilderness Experiences. I will add links to the other synchrobloggers below as they come in. Check them out!  They are way cool.]

It recently occurred to me that I seem to always want that balance of remembering the “mountain top” season of blessings while I’m in the midst of a wilderness experience and yet, I also seem to want to remember what He showed me in the wilderness when I’m “on top of the mountain”!?  It’s like I need to think about His blessings and great love for me to get through desert times and then, I need to remember my brokenness and my complete dependence on Him to humble myself when I’m on the mountain top!
And, as much as I hate to admit it, I think sometimes what I might call a wilderness experience may have been just circumstance or “hard times” versus Him truly testing me/transforming me. I can’t deny the fact that sometimes when an earthly comfort is taken away I’m the one that quickly wants to yell out, “You said You’d never heap upon me more than I can bear!” True confession...and, He hasn’t. And, earthly comforts aren’t really what I need. What I need is my heart to be transformed to trust Him.  I need to trust the path that He has me on even though it may be through a wilderness.  I also believe I'm one that tends to try so hard to get through the wilderness on my own strength or at least as fast as I can!  Yea, that last one never works out for me neither!

Right now, I seem to be taking a look back at 5 years of wilderness. In these last 5 years, I truly have had many times of trauma, physical pain, heart pain, struggle and loss. During this time, I believe I always tried to look to Him and I have been very careful to listen to His voice. However, I believe at times I tried too hard. It’s like I've been trying so hard at being a good and faithful follower that I “missed the forest for the trees”.  Like taking an axe and trying to work hard at chopping down a very large tree right in front of me.  I kept chopping and swinging and hitting and believing the whole time the tree was going to fall over.  And well, it never did.

It wasn’t until recently that I stopped. I stopped and realized that He wants me to just put down the axe and know that I can’t work at this any more. I can’t make things happen. I need to just stop and let HIM do the chopping. And, I believe right now He is chopping down that tree. He is showing me glimpses of the forest and I’m getting tastes of freedom that I believe will allow me to rest in Him and just enjoy Him…even in the wilderness.

Am I moving into another season? I sure hope so. But, I don’t believe there are any guarantees. And, I don’t know that our true desert or wilderness ever completely goes away here on earth. I believe it's part of this "tension" we all talk about and experience and can be there for all kinds of reasons, but mostly I believe the tension is there because we just don’t belong here. I believe it could be that we all are just longing to go home and longing to be with Him.

I would like to think that this 5 year wilderness I've experienced would be preparing me for something here on earth. Ministering to the traumatized, the broken-hearted, the abused or the forgotten? I don’t know. It's a hope...a dream.  One that I pray He would bless and anoint.  But, I just know that for right now I need to put down the axe. And I pray that I would leave it there. For the only thing I believe I can do is take baby steps each day into the plans He has for me. To do my best to surrender and just know He is there guiding each step. He is holding me, preparing me, guiding me and completing me.  As His beloved, I pray I can truly know this, let it sink deep into my heart and trust Him.

10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
11 All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced;
those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish.
12 Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them.
Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all.
13 For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. -Isaiah 41:10-13

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Recently two words have become a focus or maybe a "challenge" for all of us at my church; humility and courage.  I am definitely still a work in progress regarding humility.  But, since I've written about humility (Humility, Sacrifice & Love) before, I thought I'd write about courage this time.

In the past few months, I have had an amazing picture of a lion just kind of following me around.  It started with being absolutely amazed when I first saw a big billboard of Aslan that was advertising the new Narnia movie.  It just struck me as something very powerful and yet, very tender...something very strong and yet, very gentle...something a little dangerous, yet safe.

This image definitely seemed to make me think that courage can be somewhat of a contradiction in terms.  So, I wonder, are we courageous when we step out into our greatest strength or our greatest weakness?  Are we courageous when we are trying something new or "dangerous", or are we courageous when we are confident in something safe and comfortable?

I believe courage is something that we display when we are entering the unknown, facing fear or shame, facing pain or taking that journey to triumph over sin...over evil.  A bold mindset to LIVE, yet to die to flesh and temptations that hinder us...bind us.

Here is a little poem I wrote about COURAGE...

Courage to live
     but willing to die
To flesh that's weak
     His will be mine

Courage to stand
     for what is right
Triumph over sin
     in the dark of night

Courage to remain
     when all have left
Front line danger
     opposition met

Courage to love
     and see  the heart
Longing to be free
     the wounded part

Courage to speak
     a voice within
Firmness of mind
     again and again

Courage to let go
     of fear and shame
Letting my heart
     receive His grace
                    -Tammy Carter

So, Beloved, I pray you would have courage!  Courage to overcome, to face danger, to confront fear and to live in His victory...His Salvation!

"He is the great God who sends us out like lambs amongst wolves.
Because the LION is padding by our side." -Graham Cooke

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

His instrument, His song

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I have had quite a few art forms impact me in the last 5 years.  However, recently, I have been really amazed and blessed through music.  Mainly because I have been able to work with an amazing keyboard and vocal coach.  A coach that is able to "see art" and potential in me and help bring that to the surface and, a coach that is able bring life lessons into each session.
Initially when I started playing my keyboards I was really nervous.  I hammered away at arpeggios and scales with hesitant starts and stops, no rhythm and varied volume.  I tended to be too hard on the keys and always getting ahead of the recommended time signature.  Unfortunately, not too uncommon as to how I can live my life.  I tend to be a little too hard on myself (friend's feedback), hesitate because of fear and try to get ahead of God's time signature.

The good news, my keyboard playing has become more fluent and more in time with the beat!  Why?  Well, it's because of one thing...practice.  A word that I believe He is encouraging me to learn in life too.  Practicing giving and receiving grace.  Practice "pressing in" and taking risks.  Practice waiting on God, letting go and allowing His timing to unfold.

More recently in one of my vocal lessons, my coach was working with me on placement of my voice in my head(or outside of it) to produce the desired sound with the correct volume and the most efficiency of my breath.  She proceeded to tell me a story about one of her more advanced students.  She told me that he had an amazing session in which he hit everything perfectly and then realized exactly JUST how powerful it was.  It was a time that musicians experience that really keeps them hooked...and, where it often becomes VERY spiritual in nature.  It was a time of 100% complete surrender and, as my vocal coach put it, a surrender in allowing God to "play the instrument exactly how it was intended to be played"...God's spirit singing through this student and producing His sound...perfect.

So, while practice does help, I believe surrender has to play a part.  Surrendering our lives and allowing Him to sing His song in us, over us and through us!  That piece I'm still learning too.  Practice and surrender.  Two very tough lessons.  Two that I pray become part of my keyboard playing, singing...and, part of my life.  Practice can seemingly keep us heading in a direction towards perfection, improvement & growth.  But surrender, I believe can balance that out.  A balance and a knowledge of the fact that we can only improve if it is Christ living in and through us, making even our "mistakes" look beautiful...washing away our sins!  Allowing us to grow without being too hard on ourselves!

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams

I just believe that if I can continue to remember these things and apply them to life, I will be able to be His instrument, His song.  And, to be His instrument exactly as it was intended to be played.  A total surrender to Him, allowing whatever art form to be released!  Allowing Him to live, play, paint, speak, write, act, sculpt and sing through me!  I also believe this will allow me to see the real beauty and art in myself...and, in others.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just before dawn

Rob Thomas has a song called, "Her Diamonds" and honestly, when I first started hearing it on the radio, I enjoyed it, but not necessarily more than any other song.  However, I heard his story behind the song and then, watched the video and was touched...deeply.  You see, Rob, wrote that song for his wife who struggled through a two year flare-up and recovery from Lupus.  Some of you may already know, but Lupus is an auto-immune disorder in which the body attacks healthy cells causing chronic inflammation.  It can attack joints, internal organs and skin causing a variety of complications such as heart arrhythmias, chest pain and most commonly reported severe muscle and joint pain.  While this list is bad enough, another symptom that I think is probably the most horrible is sensitivity to sunlight.

I don't know about any of you, but if I can't get outside and IN the sun regularly, I get a little grumpy.  I've always been an outdoor person and I'm always seeking time and ways to get outside.  If I had to STAY inside, out of the sun, it would definitely take a toll.

So, as I watched the video of "Her Diamonds" a parallel to God's Morning Star rising in our hearts started to unfold in my mind...AND, my heart.  I thought about seasons of waiting out the darkness.  Seasons of struggles, loss, grief and pain.  These are just times and seasons where we know we are going to have to walk through the darkness...walk through the pain.  And, if you are anything like me, you want the sun to come NOW, QUICKLY...TODAY!  I'm the person that reluctantly agrees when my pastor reminds me about things like "riding it out"..."taking time".  It's just like the video, which shows a gradual progress through a night of pain, we also wait for that shift to happen as we journey and it happens slowly.

When we enter this darkness, whatever it may be, initially the pain is fatiguing, debilitating, paralyzing...we are frozen.  We are in despair and blindness wondering if He is there and wondering if He will come.  Slowly with a little bit of "melting away" of that which paralyzes us, we begin to move.  We start to move and the movement is BECAUSE of the sun.  More "melting away" occurs and we gasp for air and slowly begin to breathe.  We may collapse, but we continue our movement as the sun begins to rise.  We are now bathed in a gentle light and starting to lift ourselves up because we are in a "just before dawn" twilight.  There is hope...hope that the sun is rising.  Honestly, this is some of what I thought of as I watched the video.

Another thing that is amazing to think about is Rob's lyrics about how he can't really help his wife: 
"It's funny how the night can make you blind, and I can just imagine"
"but if she feels bad then I do too, so I let her be"
"I don't know what I'm supposed to do, so I sit down and I cry too"
"It's hard to see them(tears) on the ground"

But, I think maybe he DOES know how to help her.  In our dark times, don't we just want someone to say, they can't imagine what we are going through, that they feel bad and maybe just sit with us...walk with us...CRY with us?  I bet it IS hard for a bridegroom to see his bride's tears.  In fact, our Bridegroom COLLECTS them! 

"You have taken account of my wanderings;
put my tears in Your bottle
are they not in Your book?" -Psalm 56:8(NASB)

If you want, take a moment to watch Rob's video:

So, Beloved, in times of darkness, may you remain faithful and continue to seek Him.  Daybreak is coming, the scene is shifting and you will stand in brilliant light.  And may the brilliance of this light be fierce and friendly and FUN!  You just might be surprised as you look back across the dark field you walked through and see that during those times He WAS there!  Every place that you sat down across this field...this dark journey is planted with good because He always traveled with you!  AND, slowly and gently He will point to your heart, and you will look down and see Him because an even MORE magnificent daybreak is happening in your heart!  It is a joyous day!

"Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear;
then your righteousness will go before you,
and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.
Then you will call, and the LORD will answer;
you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I" - Isaiah 58:8-9