Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Recently two words have become a focus or maybe a "challenge" for all of us at my church; humility and courage.  I am definitely still a work in progress regarding humility.  But, since I've written about humility (Humility, Sacrifice & Love) before, I thought I'd write about courage this time.

In the past few months, I have had an amazing picture of a lion just kind of following me around.  It started with being absolutely amazed when I first saw a big billboard of Aslan that was advertising the new Narnia movie.  It just struck me as something very powerful and yet, very tender...something very strong and yet, very gentle...something a little dangerous, yet safe.

This image definitely seemed to make me think that courage can be somewhat of a contradiction in terms.  So, I wonder, are we courageous when we step out into our greatest strength or our greatest weakness?  Are we courageous when we are trying something new or "dangerous", or are we courageous when we are confident in something safe and comfortable?

I believe courage is something that we display when we are entering the unknown, facing fear or shame, facing pain or taking that journey to triumph over sin...over evil.  A bold mindset to LIVE, yet to die to flesh and temptations that hinder us...bind us.

Here is a little poem I wrote about COURAGE...

Courage to live
     but willing to die
To flesh that's weak
     His will be mine

Courage to stand
     for what is right
Triumph over sin
     in the dark of night

Courage to remain
     when all have left
Front line danger
     opposition met

Courage to love
     and see  the heart
Longing to be free
     the wounded part

Courage to speak
     a voice within
Firmness of mind
     again and again

Courage to let go
     of fear and shame
Letting my heart
     receive His grace
                    -Tammy Carter

So, Beloved, I pray you would have courage!  Courage to overcome, to face danger, to confront fear and to live in His victory...His Salvation!

"He is the great God who sends us out like lambs amongst wolves.
Because the LION is padding by our side." -Graham Cooke


  1. Hi Tammi! Hope you are well. I saw you had a nice Valentine's day. Seems you have had some medical challenges lately. Hope you are feeling better. I will pray for you right now. God has been taking some time to draw me closer to Him. Courage has come through his strength. I have learned to trust in Him alone. I realize God uses His ways to Love us. He only disciplines those He has called..his flock. These trying times that are hard for us to understand are merely Him pouring out His love to us. Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds. Its because he has called you and Loves you beyond your comprehension. Thank You for your humility and courage in posting and sharing your poem. It was an answer to a day, in which I needed his strength. Each day I "Wait on the Lord:be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait I say, on the Lord.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Logan! AND, thank you so much for praying...I really appreciate it and need it. I am on the mend, but yea, after so many surgeries...it DOES get a little hard to keep going. And, yea, I really do need the Hebrews reminder with the discipline thing. Not an easy one, but so good and as you said, because He LOVES us/me! Tell Margaret I said hi! I sure do miss seeing you guys. Let me know if you're ever able to join us OUTDOORS again! :-) God bless and thanks for reading...SO glad God could meet you with His courage! Praying for YOU!