Thursday, April 8, 2010

Knit II

Hey my fellow brothers and sisters! I know, I know…you all are maybe sick of my knitting fixation…BUT, God is teaching me so much through this that I want to share His blessings!

I recently started a new knitting project. And, with good timing, I received the book, “Knitting for dummies”! While it is a good teaching book for the task itself…some of the words really made me think about this life God has given us and how He has knitted us all together as one body to display His perfect design!

As you all read, my last lesson(blog) took me through Psalm 139 and seeing the way He has knitted us together individually! But, recently, I read Col. 2:2-3 and Col. 2:19 and God reveled the many ways He has knitted us all together as one body:

Briefly, Col. 2:2-3 the ESV and NIV translations:
“knit together in love” and “united in love”
BUT, expanding The Message paraphrase REALLY hit my heart:

Wow, what an amazing God! I picture all of us joined in prayer together, carrying one another’s burdens and loving on one another! Then, I imagine God just looks down and smiles on us because He sees that this “joining together” is beautiful…it creates a perfect design and He loves it…loves US!

Then, Col. 2:19…
ESV: “nourished and knit together”, NIV: “supported and held together”!
And, well, again my favorite…The Message:
“Christ, who puts us together in one piece, whose very breath and blood flow through us”

Again, I love how God brings us together! And well, it is LOVE that brings us together! And, if you’ve read one of my past blogs on love( ) well, you know my thoughts on love. And, it’s not always love as maybe the WORLD thinks of love. Sometimes it’s messy and painful…but, it always seems to teach us something and lead us back to HIM! It IS sacrifice...sacrifice of our souls for one another…just as Christ did on the Cross!

So, my family LOVED me well this week! Lots of prayers for my heart that have driven me back into my OVERCOMING phase!!! As you all read in my last poem…I truly HAVE seen His hand work in my life as an overcomer!
As many of you know, God has given me the courage to get beyond the trials this year and set some goals in getting back to what I used to do! I made a great list of things and was able to accomplish most of them! Just a FEW:
1. Back on the skis!
2. Hiked above 14000’…first time in four years!
3. Returned to church and prayer team!
4. Return to my career as a manual therapist!
5. Cycled over 65 miles…again, first time in four years! AND, the JOY as my fellow cyclists remember my famous, “It’s Shammy Time!” shout before a ride!
6. Returned to running!

The list goes on! Just a few praises! I did hit a slump lately with some pain issues, but yet, He still sustains me and I just keep moving forward! I know He has us all intertwined and knit together for a reason…it’s just sometimes hard to see that reason in the midst of painful realizations! But, it IS pain and suffering that we are blessed to share in with Christ! His suffering redeemed us all! His blood shed on the Cross for US!!! I imagine it is HIS blood that flows through all of us…knitting us together in love!

I am blown away by how He is working all things for good! As I just told a few good friends…I have never been SO close to the “threshold of hope” in my entire life!!! I love community and the importance of sharing in these things and being able to pray for one another...we truly are knit together for His good purposes!

Okay, thank you, my community for reading yet another KNIT blog! I’m thinking this next project or garment I’m knitting is going to be the best! I am getting better you know…despite all of my short-comings, I am His Beloved and well, He loves where I’m at and SO LOVES my potential! After all, He knit me together…knitted US together! Praise God we are ONE as His Beloved!

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